Convertible Study Beds Double Your Space Without Doubling Your Costs

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Convertible Study Bed

When it comes to living, studying or working in the core parts of the GTA, most of us can relate to the ever-shrinking spaces we are grudgingly becoming used to. As the city fills up with more and more people looking to carve a small piece of it out for themselves, developers are being faced with the unenviable job of building smaller and smaller condos, dorm rooms, hotel rooms and even offices to accommodate everyone who is a part of the urban GTA family. While there is no way for us to enlarge a room once it has already been built, we can certainly employ a little creativity to maximize our use of the space we are given, and no one product is more beneficial to this challenge than a convertible study bed.

Benefits of a Convertible Study Bed

While a convertible study bed can be useful to anyone, they are probably most often utilized by students and those who are creating a combined living and work space. For students who have chosen to live on campus, it is no secret that a dorm room is not meant to provide you with the comforts of home. Maximizing space is essential for comfortable living and a convertible study bed can turn a dorm room, condo den or studio apartment into a proper, comfortable living space. Convertible study beds, also known as hidden-beds, or "Murphy” beds, are built directly into a frame consisting of multiple sized cabinets and closets and can be laid down horizontally to make a cozy sleeping space. The trick is that in the morning, when it’s time to start the day, the convertible study bed is lifted up and returned to its vertical storage space inside the cabinetry. The added bonus is that when the bed is in this upright position, a fully functioning study desk is available for use. The best quality hidden beds feature a desk designed to move fluidly with the bed, which means that you do not have to clear items off of them, unplug or move things, or lay accessories flat in order to open the bed. Once a convertible study bed is lowered, the shelf becomes a support leg for your sleeping quarters.

Aren’t Hidden-beds "Uncool”?

Not in the least! While the ones you may have heard about from generations past may have been uninspired, today’s convertible study bed is a beautiful addition to any room. With many options for colours, cabinets, styles and bed sizes a hidden bed is a sleek, stylish and smart way to make the most out of your living space. Ideal for students, young families in small condos and those who wish to make a bedroom out of almost any room, Murphy beds and similar designs provide convenience, comfort and practical functionality for almost any lifestyle. Contact a local online distributor today and double your living space without doubling your costs!


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